“The inspired declaration of divine will and purpose”

Building Fan/Business pages on Facebook all ORGANICALLY,  Digital Street Team Event promotions , and writing articles about current events,events, and hip hop from my personal point of view.   OurProphecy is the connection point for entrepreneurs that are looking to get seen and pull numbers on social media organically.  I have connections with different Influencers and social media pages in different markets and also different avenues of promoting your business.  Ranging from hip hop, sports, parenting, and many more. I also incorporate esoteric knowledge and astrology to get in sync with my Clients to properly synergize and portray their energy correctly via social media. Our goal is to help you manifest your prophecy to a reality in the physical realm.

I am currently starting a new adventure with making my own graphic novel. Putting a twist on how you view music. Hopes are it will inspire the reader to know and understand the power of their mind and to use their imagination to the fullest. Thank you for using your energy to stop by the website. Above in the menu are the links to my work and projects.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me at ourprophecypromo@gmail.com.

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