I made JCole’s Chicken Nachos

  I’m from Durham, NC. I’m a huge J Cole fan. I actually had the opportunity to meet him on New Years of 2017. I was a cook at Chammps at South Pointe Mall (now closed down). I made his chicken nachos for New Years Eve 2017. I was unaware he was in the building till a server had notified me. Of course I was in disbelief,  out of all places ,on New Years he was at my job. I hauled tail around the corner so fast , in such excitement ,his security guards lifted up out their seat a little . I just froze and then thought of the situation. If he’s here at Chammps on New Years with his wife, he’s not trying to be seen. In truly respecting him as an artist and person I didn’t introduce myself.  I thought to myself “this is your moment” then ” Nope keep putting in work and the right opportunity will present itself in time”.
  I feel the most craziest thing of it all, was on my way to work that day, I prayed. Financially my skills with Facebook algorithms weren’t being met; I also felt like did Yah want me to only put energy and focus on my family instead . I am very passionate about Hip Hop I feel it in my soul and meditate on it daily.  I’m also a felon so most Firm jobs are a no go for me so my focus has to be Hip Hop. I’ll be able to pass a background check in a year and a half ; I completely changed my life around after a 17 month bid in Raleigh’s Women Correctional Institute for Selling drugs. A huge part of that was with the song Crooked Smile’s  encouragement but I’ll get to that later. So I prayed to Yahweh and asked him for a sign which path he wanted me to go down. That night at 11:30 pm  J Cole And his Wife walk through the door, out of all the people in Hip Hop, it was COLE. The meaning and symbology  of that in itself was so deep to me.
          In 2012, I had got caught up in the street life. I got charged and found guilty of Selling a Schedule 2 narcotic. I went to the NC DOC in Raleigh at 4 months pregnant. I have been a part of the growing recidivism rate since the age of 17 before this point, to me it was almost like a right of passage , glorified where I’m from. I thought at the time it was something that I could handle , mixing and mingling with everyone to make the time pass faster until I’m in there having to worry about my child’s safety as well. That’s a whole different ballpark. As I was in there I kept to myself, observing, preparing myself mentally to give birth incarcerated. Thank God in DOC you get a radio and headphones, because I probably wouldn’t be who I am today without it. That was my escape out of the prison.
    When the day came August 3,2013, I wasn’t as mentally prepared as I thought. The prison didn’t get me to the hospital until 20 mins before she came out, I was cuffed to a bed, no family or friends were allowed to be there for security reasons, so all I had was nothing but two armed guards for support . I gave birth then only got to spend 48 hours with her before I had to be back on grounds. I decided in that moment I was never exposing myself or my children to that way of life again, that me and them deserved better , so I named her Genesis ( for those who don’t know , Genesis means the beginning). She was the beginning to my new way of life.
  The moment they told me it was time to go she felt the energy and it made me feel helpless and lost on top of my sadness,pain,and anger. Got back to campus put my headphones on as I was in deep sobs, and the first song to come on was Crooked Smile. It was the first time I heard it so it had to have been when J Cole released it to this market. I was very distraught,  but that song uplifted me so much. Help get me back in the right mindset, every word of that song was applied in my way of thinking from that moment on. Not only did it uplift me, but near about the whole compound of NCCIW. You could tell when someone was listening to it, because they would stop walking and do a little side step and snap to the song.
   I got out and stayed true to my thoughts ,soul, and word. I completely cut off all the old people I was hanging around . I stayed at home with my kids 24-7, and Facebook.  Being in there gave me the start of knowledge of networking, so I applied it when I got out, started studying Facebook and how it’s ran. Now I’ve assisted with running pages that total followers is over 3 million , has reached over 500 million people in a week.  I’m working on new projects with K 97.5’s Mir I Am ‘s Carolina Waves , my own OurProphecy page, and am proudly able to say I am now an official Dreamville Festival 2018 ambassador, selling tickets for the first EVER HIP HOP WOODSTOCK of festivals (without the drugs of course lol) The Dreamville Festival. Most the proceeds from this event will be going to JCole’s Non Profit The Dreamville Foundation .
  It’s crazy how life works in grand circles, you have to stop and pay attention to what the universe is trying to tell you. Get in control of your thoughts and manifest them. Still not where I want to be financially  but I am getting there by meditating and visualizing my future in the process and keeping my Karma slate clean. So whatever the future holds for me this is a step up towards that.
 If you would like to use this camera filter that is in the featured image click here>>Dreamville Festival Camera Filter

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