Thank You YEEZUS for your Sacrifice


So I want to start this blog off by stating I AM NOT A TRUMP SUPPORTER WHAT SO EVER . If you follow on me on Facebook  or know me personally you definitely know this. However I have had a very intense spiritual awakening over the past 4 months. So with that said, even though I do not support Donald Trump, I do recognize spiritually that he is human like the rest of us, he is here for a reason, also a  learning lesson for my soul  and yours.  Even tho I personally dislike his tactics, I can say he is planting seeds in the lower class  Americans about Fake News, regardless of how it is being used. They are now questioning news sources….just need to start digging deeper lol, but I’ll take the seed.  I would say spiritually me and Kanye West are a lot alike. I honestly feel he is very intelligent , just misunderstood by the “normal” society. ( BTW NO ONE IS NORMAL, lol)

As a reformed felon, I want to take the time to applaud and thank Mr.West for his sacrifice. Literally sacrificing his career, partnerships, sponsorship’s, and business associates  to help make a change. Regardless if you like it or not LEGAL changes can NOT HAPPEN without Congress/Senate/President. Kanye literally swallowed his pride in front of the world and said Donald Trump and the MAGA hat reminds him of his Father. To those who say he is just crazy. What is more logical to you? Yeezy sees someone who that has an enormous ego , and that can be easily influenced if that ego is stroked right, (specially given the fact NO ONE is messing with Trump) or that he’s just crazy and delusional?? If you say just crazy, you have not done your research on Kanye or the way his mother Donda brought him up. In essence using the same mentality as a Trump Supporter ( that you hate) . I will never understand with all the technology we have today, why people do not do proper research. Just go off of news sources, social media posts, and hate without digging for the truth. Hate has blinded a lot of people this week it makes them no different than the people they hate.

For those who don’t know, The United States has THE HIGHEST INCARCERATION RATE in the WORLD!!! Higher than China and India, both countries are 3 times more populated than the US.

china population vs us population 2018 - Google Search.clipular

• Countries with the most prisoners as of 2018 _ Statistic.clipularpie2018


The 13th Amendment made incarceration an acceptable form of modern day slavery. Netflix has a wonderful documentary about it called 13th , please watch it if you haven’t yet. 

Do I feel people should be accountable for their actions? YES! I am no way shape or form suggesting that they shouldn’t. I just don’t believe the laws are being accountable to the people. With that said drug charges and other non violent charges that are the majority of the prison population SHOULD NOT BE GETTING MORE TIME THAN THE VIOLENT OFFENDERS, or first time offenders getting MAX punishment. I am a reformed felon myself, so this reform being passed means a lot to me. I have changed my life around to the fullest extent. I was once a part of the growing recidivism rate from the age of 17-26 years old. I went to prison pregnant with my daughter, I named Genesis to symbolize my dedication to my new life, The Beginning of my new life.  People do change and can change. I am living PROOF!!!


Yes I know, the reform has been in the works before Kanye visited the office. Most the complaints I hear when talking about civil rights and the system , is that the constitution was  made without input  from the African American community. (Yes I am white, but I was raised in the hood, I’m used to being the minority) You have someone who is willing to sacrifice his career to have a voice in the LEGAL change, and then complain about it. When others have had the SAME opportunity but declined it because of hate. I don’t blame them at all for their choice,  I was the same when Trump first got into office. Now after my own spiritual awakening I get the message Kanye is preaching. I get that everything happens for a reason.  kanyesnoop

    Snoop Dogg   seriously needs to chill out, he is steadily keeping Kanye’s name in his mouth.  Out of everyone on some G shit (8ball), should respect Kanye for asking for Hoover’s pardon regardless if it gets approved or not.  Very disappointed in him for his actions, Hoover probably will be too; Yeezy isn’t letting it get to him tho, he posteda pic of him wearing a Snoop Dogg shirt with the caption Nothing But LOVE. >>>FULL ARTICLE on KANYE’S POST post CLICK HERE

On top of criminal reform; social policy, mental health, endorsement deals, stop-and-frisk policies were also talked about.  >>>Full Interview CLICK HERE. If you have a problem with this, you should internalize the feeling, and turn the feeling into an I statement. What are you doing to create positive change in the world we live in?????




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