ALTERNATE ENDING: The Musical Adventure’s of Lissie Anne Thus: Introduction: Who Is Lissie??

A creative writing experiment by OurProphecy. Lissie Anne Thus is a 16 year old girl, from the urban community, who escapes her reality by listening/meditating to music. Only to find her inner true potential.

                                              MEET LISSIE ANNE THUS

  Lissie was a 16 year old girl who faced many problems, issues, and cycles in life.  Doctors had diagnosed her with P.T.S.D., severe anxiety, and depression.  She had a completely different view of the world than most.  Always seeing the positive and full potential in everything despite the constant seemingly never ending negativity in her own life. She could feel others people’s emotions on top of her own, probably the reason she was drawn to the arts. Some said she was foolish for it, that falling in love with potential instead of the now was an issue that would end up failing at the end. She didn’t let that view get to her, instead it made her love for the world and others stronger.  

  Lissie was raised in the urban community. Her mother and step father were in a volatile relationship. She had to witness her mother getting beat from the age of 4 years old. Needless to say, she thought violence was an answer to problems when intense emotion was attached to the problem. She hated seeing people getting bullied at school, so she decided she would take action herself and bully the bully, she got into physical fights and verbal confrontations with them on a regular basis, sometimes getting suspended from school and with the last physical fight she got into , she also aquired some legal issues.

    The legal issues were a dramatic learning lesson and life altering experience for her. She had to do 6 months in Juvie for the altercation on top of probation and community service.
 Lissie was a girl who faced many problems and issues in life. She loved music, dance, and art in itself. She also viewed life as art from the most high. When her ‘anxiety attacks” would get to her, she would listen to music to push through them, in attempt to battle herself so to speak.
She would listen and meditate on music depending on her mood. For the most part this included pop and hip hop. Hip Hop was Lissie’s favorite, she appreciates all genre’s ; but she related to Hip Hop more and felt the energy of it when she was trying to dissect her own personal problems .It was her  escape from her reality… while also knowing the experiences she was going through were relatable and she wasn’t alone.

 She deep down knew there was more to life then what she was experiencing. That she was destined for greatness despite her current circumstances. All she could do is keep going with diligence and patience , waiting for her moment. To be continued….

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