Alternate Ending:Musical Adventures of Lissie Anne Thus: Kung Fu Kenny

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Lissie had a hard day at school. No matter how hard she tried to fit in, she still felt alone. She did not understand why she didn’t fit in with her classmates. Why she always always seemed to attract resistance. Why no matter how hard she tried , she couldn’t find an organic connection with anyone.

Lissie came home from school, her head filled with those questions constantly circulating in her head. She needed to calm her thoughts and escape the reality of the day. She went straight to her bed room, closed the door, sat down Indian style, pulled out her tablet, and headphones.

At the top of her YouTube feed was Kendrick Lamar’s D.N.A. , she pressed play as she closed her eyes and let the beat flow through her headphones into her subconscious, then the words drifted in. ” I GOT LOYALTY AND ROYALTY INSIDE MY DNA…”


Lissie completely released all her questions from the day, while starting to put more focus on the words of the song while drifting off into the beat.

After listing to it on repeat a few times, she opened her eyes and she realized she was no longer in her bedroom on the floor. She was surrounded in a concrete jungle with the bright moonlight shining down upon her and the jungle. Everything around her was made of concrete and looked abandon . She started to freak out. “Where am I?” “How did I get here?” “What is going on????”

As she looked around she saw nothing but huge concrete slabs everywhere, in what appeared to be a park of some sort. There were people walking by her looking at her like she didn’t belong. They were playing basketball , some sitting down a bench starring at her, whispering to one another. That familiar feeling came back over her that she was trying to escape from. She got up off the ground and started walking to try to gather her thoughts and look for someone who could help her in this new reality that she was not familiar with. She went inside the first corner store that was parallel from the concrete jungle. She walked in and started going down the aisles while trying to keep her thoughts together. Quickly taking her mind to the present. The store clerk seen the panic in Lissie’s eyes. He approached her “Hi, how are you doing today?”. He had a thick New York accent. She looked up, put a fake smile on her face and said “I’m fine, just going through some things” He replied “I could tell, I can help you…I been expecting you”. Lissie’s thoughts immediately stopped swarming and she shook her head in disbelief and replied,” Excuse me?” the store clerk replied “My name is Magnus , but everyone calls me Mag” , nodding his head he says “We been waiting for you for quite some time”.” How is all this possible, I feel so lost and confused right now, I have no idea what is going on, where I am, who you are, and why me?!” Lissie replied. “I read people’s energy and aura, your’s is like no other I have seen, please come with me. We been waiting patiently for someone like you”. Lissie replied “Who is WE?? Do you speak French or something?” Mag chuckled and said “Come with me shorty, I will show you.”

He informed the other store clerk he was leaving, grabbed his keys from under the cash register, and walked out the door. She had an unsettling feeling of anxiety mixed with curiosity; so she followed him out the door. She had no choice but to try to figure out what was going on.

As they walked outside into the parking lot, a gang of men dressed in Tee Shirts , jeans, and Nike Cortez’s with a white check on the side approached the vehicle . They enclosed her and Mag in a circle around the car. A short dark skinned man, with cornrows , wearing a black karate gi came through the circle and approached Mag.

Lissie could tell that he was a deeply respected and powerful leader by the way the other men stepped aside with respect; as he came through the circle and by the slight panic in Mag’s eyes when he seen him. The man approached Mag and stared deep into his eyes. Lissie was startled by this and was still trying to figure out what was going on.

Lissie staring at them intensely ,as they stared deep into each others eyes. Then she heard their exchange in her mind. ” You found the glow and didn’t tell me?” the man asked Mag telepathically. “I was just taking her to the spot and going to activate her first, that is all I promise…I would never disrespect you like that. She isn’t activated yet she doesn’t know anything yet.” Lissie replied out loud in startlement ” What the fuck is going on? What are you talking about? This is crazy, I need to go home NOW!!!”

The man now changed his piercing stare to Lissie and walked up to her. He grabbed both sides of Lissie’s face while making direct eye contact that pierced her soul in an instant , her eyes rolled back into her head , and he telepathically said “There is nothing to fear, I am Kung Fu Kenny. We have been waiting for you.


……….To be continued

(This is for creative and entertainment purposes only. No affiliation to artist mentioned or monetization of any kind.)

Art work:

Kendrick Lamar’s DNA Video

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Written By: Alkimi555

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