“The inspired declaration of divine will and purpose”

Building Fan/Business pages on Facebook all ORGANICALLY,  Digital Street Team Event promotion , and writing articles about current events,events, and hip hop from my personal point of view.   OurPropecy is the connection point for entrepreneurs that are looking to get seen and pull numbers on social media organically.  I have connections with different Influencers and social media pages in different markets and also different avenues of promoting your business.  Ranging from hip hop, sports, parenting, and many more. Our goal is to help you make your prophecy a reality.

Starting a new adventure with making my own graphic novel. Putting a twist on how you view music. Hopes are it will inspire the reader to know and understand the power of their mind.

Digital Street Team/Viral Event Promotion and Branding

We are currently venturing into Event Promotion.

We build the event page using our organic formula, converting viewers to ticket sales for your event.

Event Portfolio:

Dreamville Festival: Rescheduled

Blog PreShow>>Dreamville Fest <<Click For Article 

Another Pre Show BLOG >>I made JCole’s Chicken Nachos

Dreamville Festival Facebook Camera Filter:

The Pinnacle 2: Wave Season @Motorco33089723_10160692679095227_2003883924719140864_n

Analytics of Event Page:
Total Post Reach for EVENT Page 6,676
Total people reached:52,461
Total Viewers: 16,472
Total tickets purchased through event page 39
Total Responses: 131
Total Head Count for the Event: 301

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Analytics from Promo Videos to Bombsquad Page (Click Link for Actual Video)

Pinnacle 2: Wave Season Promo Video

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Post Reach 14,522
Views 3.3k
North Carolina Top Market for viewers

Analytics from Pre Show Promo Live Video (Click Link for Actual Video)

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People Reached: 31,263
Views: 12k
Second top market of viewers North Carolina

We make camera filters for events and brands for viral/trending branding purposes.4875160570822656

Family Bizness Presents_ The Pinnacle II “Wave Season” at Motorco Music Hall.clipular (2)

Family Bizness Presents_ The Pinnacle II “Wave Season” at Motorco Music Hall.clipular (1)

Michelle Coleman.clipular

(2) Michelle Coleman.clipular

(2) Michelle Coleman.clipular (3)

(2) Michelle Coleman.clipular (2)

(2) Michelle Coleman.clipular (1)

Live video from my personal page during event 1,041k views:Family Bizness Presents_ The Pinnacle II “Wave Season” at Motorco Music Hall.clipular (3)

OurProphecy Blog Post PreEvent:Blog Post before show <<<Click for article

OurProphecy Blog Post After Event: Blog Post After Show Breakdown << Click for article

Total people reached:52,461
Total Viewers: 16,472
Total Head Count: 301

Organic Facebook Business/Fan/Like Page Building

(26) Bombsquad.clipular (1)

We build Facebook pages using our Organic formula. We will set up a consultation where we discuss your product/content, target group, and future goals for your product. After we get a full understanding of your product we search the internet for coinciding content. Post to your page, in between original product/content post, to our network of over 3 million organic followers.

Our Packages:
*All of our Page Building Packages are paid half upfront, half upon time of completion. We do not transfer followers, we have to have access to your page as editor so we can build it organically for you.

5k of Organic Followers: $250
10k of Organic Followers: $500
50k of Organic Followers: $1,000
100k of Organic Followers: $1,500

Click Link For Work Samples:
Tailgaters (Sports Page)

Wiper Tags

How to Loose Weight

Contact us today for your FREE consultation.


Bombsquad Facebook

As of April 26,2018

Facebook Insights Data Export – Bombsquad – 2018-04-26

Page Overview:

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Bombsquad’s demographic and market as of April 26,2018:

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Bombsquad’s Post Reach for the week as of April 12,2017

bombsquad numbers


Bombsquad’s top market as of April 12, 2017


bombsquad market

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Our current use of this page is used for music video promotion and as a platform builder.

Follower Engagement Post:

These are post we use to keep our followers and target group engaged in between videos.

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(3) Bombsquad - Home.clipular


Music and Promo Videos:

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(2) Bombsquad - Videos.clipular

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(31) Bombsquad - Home.clipular

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