Alternate Ending:Musical Adventures of Lissie Anne Thus: Kung Fu Kenny

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Lissie had a hard day at school. No matter how hard she tried to fit in, she still felt alone. She did not understand why she didn’t fit in with her classmates. Why she always always seemed to attract resistance. Why no matter how hard she tried , she couldn’t find an organic connection with anyone.

Lissie came home from school, her head filled with those questions constantly circulating in her head. She needed to calm her thoughts and escape the reality of the day. She went straight to her bed room, closed the door, sat down Indian style, pulled out her tablet, and headphones.

At the top of her YouTube feed was Kendrick Lamar’s D.N.A. , she pressed play as she closed her eyes and let the beat flow through her headphones into her subconscious, then the words drifted in. ” I GOT LOYALTY AND ROYALTY INSIDE MY DNA…”


Lissie completely released all her questions from the day, while starting to put more focus on the words of the song while drifting off into the beat.

After listing to it on repeat a few times, she opened her eyes and she realized she was no longer in her bedroom on the floor. She was surrounded in a concrete jungle with the bright moonlight shining down upon her and the jungle. Everything around her was made of concrete and looked abandon . She started to freak out. “Where am I?” “How did I get here?” “What is going on????”

As she looked around she saw nothing but huge concrete slabs everywhere, in what appeared to be a park of some sort. There were people walking by her looking at her like she didn’t belong. They were playing basketball , some sitting down a bench starring at her, whispering to one another. That familiar feeling came back over her that she was trying to escape from. She got up off the ground and started walking to try to gather her thoughts and look for someone who could help her in this new reality that she was not familiar with. She went inside the first corner store that was parallel from the concrete jungle. She walked in and started going down the aisles while trying to keep her thoughts together. Quickly taking her mind to the present. The store clerk seen the panic in Lissie’s eyes. He approached her “Hi, how are you doing today?”. He had a thick New York accent. She looked up, put a fake smile on her face and said “I’m fine, just going through some things” He replied “I could tell, I can help you…I been expecting you”. Lissie’s thoughts immediately stopped swarming and she shook her head in disbelief and replied,” Excuse me?” the store clerk replied “My name is Magnus , but everyone calls me Mag” , nodding his head he says “We been waiting for you for quite some time”.” How is all this possible, I feel so lost and confused right now, I have no idea what is going on, where I am, who you are, and why me?!” Lissie replied. “I read people’s energy and aura, your’s is like no other I have seen, please come with me. We been waiting patiently for someone like you”. Lissie replied “Who is WE?? Do you speak French or something?” Mag chuckled and said “Come with me shorty, I will show you.”

He informed the other store clerk he was leaving, grabbed his keys from under the cash register, and walked out the door. She had an unsettling feeling of anxiety mixed with curiosity; so she followed him out the door. She had no choice but to try to figure out what was going on.

As they walked outside into the parking lot, a gang of men dressed in Tee Shirts , jeans, and Nike Cortez’s with a white check on the side approached the vehicle . They enclosed her and Mag in a circle around the car. A short dark skinned man, with cornrows , wearing a black karate gi came through the circle and approached Mag.

Lissie could tell that he was a deeply respected and powerful leader by the way the other men stepped aside with respect; as he came through the circle and by the slight panic in Mag’s eyes when he seen him. The man approached Mag and stared deep into his eyes. Lissie was startled by this and was still trying to figure out what was going on.

Lissie staring at them intensely ,as they stared deep into each others eyes. Then she heard their exchange in her mind. ” You found the glow and didn’t tell me?” the man asked Mag telepathically. “I was just taking her to the spot and going to activate her first, that is all I promise…I would never disrespect you like that. She isn’t activated yet she doesn’t know anything yet.” Lissie replied out loud in startlement ” What the fuck is going on? What are you talking about? This is crazy, I need to go home NOW!!!”

The man now changed his piercing stare to Lissie and walked up to her. He grabbed both sides of Lissie’s face while making direct eye contact that pierced her soul in an instant , her eyes rolled back into her head , and he telepathically said “There is nothing to fear, I am Kung Fu Kenny. We have been waiting for you.


……….To be continued

(This is for creative and entertainment purposes only. No affiliation to artist mentioned or monetization of any kind.)

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Kendrick Lamar’s DNA Video

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Written By: Alkimi555

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ALTERNATE ENDING: The Musical Adventure’s of Lissie Anne Thus: Introduction: Who Is Lissie??

A creative writing experiment by OurProphecy. Lissie Anne Thus is a 16 year old girl, from the urban community, who escapes her reality by listening/meditating to music. Only to find her inner true potential.

                                              MEET LISSIE ANNE THUS

  Lissie was a 16 year old girl who faced many problems, issues, and cycles in life.  Doctors had diagnosed her with P.T.S.D., severe anxiety, and depression.  She had a completely different view of the world than most.  Always seeing the positive and full potential in everything despite the constant seemingly never ending negativity in her own life. She could feel others people’s emotions on top of her own, probably the reason she was drawn to the arts. Some said she was foolish for it, that falling in love with potential instead of the now was an issue that would end up failing at the end. She didn’t let that view get to her, instead it made her love for the world and others stronger.  

  Lissie was raised in the urban community. Her mother and step father were in a volatile relationship. She had to witness her mother getting beat from the age of 4 years old. Needless to say, she thought violence was an answer to problems when intense emotion was attached to the problem. She hated seeing people getting bullied at school, so she decided she would take action herself and bully the bully, she got into physical fights and verbal confrontations with them on a regular basis, sometimes getting suspended from school and with the last physical fight she got into , she also aquired some legal issues.

    The legal issues were a dramatic learning lesson and life altering experience for her. She had to do 6 months in Juvie for the altercation on top of probation and community service.
 Lissie was a girl who faced many problems and issues in life. She loved music, dance, and art in itself. She also viewed life as art from the most high. When her ‘anxiety attacks” would get to her, she would listen to music to push through them, in attempt to battle herself so to speak.
She would listen and meditate on music depending on her mood. For the most part this included pop and hip hop. Hip Hop was Lissie’s favorite, she appreciates all genre’s ; but she related to Hip Hop more and felt the energy of it when she was trying to dissect her own personal problems .It was her  escape from her reality… while also knowing the experiences she was going through were relatable and she wasn’t alone.

 She deep down knew there was more to life then what she was experiencing. That she was destined for greatness despite her current circumstances. All she could do is keep going with diligence and patience , waiting for her moment. To be continued….


Thank You YEEZUS for your Sacrifice


So I want to start this blog off by stating I AM NOT A TRUMP SUPPORTER WHAT SO EVER . If you follow on me on Facebook  or know me personally you definitely know this. However I have had a very intense spiritual awakening over the past 4 months. So with that said, even though I do not support Donald Trump, I do recognize spiritually that he is human like the rest of us, he is here for a reason, also a  learning lesson for my soul  and yours.  Even tho I personally dislike his tactics, I can say he is planting seeds in the lower class  Americans about Fake News, regardless of how it is being used. They are now questioning news sources….just need to start digging deeper lol, but I’ll take the seed.  I would say spiritually me and Kanye West are a lot alike. I honestly feel he is very intelligent , just misunderstood by the “normal” society. ( BTW NO ONE IS NORMAL, lol)

As a reformed felon, I want to take the time to applaud and thank Mr.West for his sacrifice. Literally sacrificing his career, partnerships, sponsorship’s, and business associates  to help make a change. Regardless if you like it or not LEGAL changes can NOT HAPPEN without Congress/Senate/President. Kanye literally swallowed his pride in front of the world and said Donald Trump and the MAGA hat reminds him of his Father. To those who say he is just crazy. What is more logical to you? Yeezy sees someone who that has an enormous ego , and that can be easily influenced if that ego is stroked right, (specially given the fact NO ONE is messing with Trump) or that he’s just crazy and delusional?? If you say just crazy, you have not done your research on Kanye or the way his mother Donda brought him up. In essence using the same mentality as a Trump Supporter ( that you hate) . I will never understand with all the technology we have today, why people do not do proper research. Just go off of news sources, social media posts, and hate without digging for the truth. Hate has blinded a lot of people this week it makes them no different than the people they hate.

For those who don’t know, The United States has THE HIGHEST INCARCERATION RATE in the WORLD!!! Higher than China and India, both countries are 3 times more populated than the US.

china population vs us population 2018 - Google Search.clipular

• Countries with the most prisoners as of 2018 _ Statistic.clipularpie2018


The 13th Amendment made incarceration an acceptable form of modern day slavery. Netflix has a wonderful documentary about it called 13th , please watch it if you haven’t yet. 

Do I feel people should be accountable for their actions? YES! I am no way shape or form suggesting that they shouldn’t. I just don’t believe the laws are being accountable to the people. With that said drug charges and other non violent charges that are the majority of the prison population SHOULD NOT BE GETTING MORE TIME THAN THE VIOLENT OFFENDERS, or first time offenders getting MAX punishment. I am a reformed felon myself, so this reform being passed means a lot to me. I have changed my life around to the fullest extent. I was once a part of the growing recidivism rate from the age of 17-26 years old. I went to prison pregnant with my daughter, I named Genesis to symbolize my dedication to my new life, The Beginning of my new life.  People do change and can change. I am living PROOF!!!


Yes I know, the reform has been in the works before Kanye visited the office. Most the complaints I hear when talking about civil rights and the system , is that the constitution was  made without input  from the African American community. (Yes I am white, but I was raised in the hood, I’m used to being the minority) You have someone who is willing to sacrifice his career to have a voice in the LEGAL change, and then complain about it. When others have had the SAME opportunity but declined it because of hate. I don’t blame them at all for their choice,  I was the same when Trump first got into office. Now after my own spiritual awakening I get the message Kanye is preaching. I get that everything happens for a reason.  kanyesnoop

    Snoop Dogg   seriously needs to chill out, he is steadily keeping Kanye’s name in his mouth.  Out of everyone on some G shit (8ball), should respect Kanye for asking for Hoover’s pardon regardless if it gets approved or not.  Very disappointed in him for his actions, Hoover probably will be too; Yeezy isn’t letting it get to him tho, he posteda pic of him wearing a Snoop Dogg shirt with the caption Nothing But LOVE. >>>FULL ARTICLE on KANYE’S POST post CLICK HERE

On top of criminal reform; social policy, mental health, endorsement deals, stop-and-frisk policies were also talked about.  >>>Full Interview CLICK HERE. If you have a problem with this, you should internalize the feeling, and turn the feeling into an I statement. What are you doing to create positive change in the world we live in?????




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P B and Jams #HashtagLunchbag

What a wonderful event for a wonderful cause, held at CoCoa Cinnamon in Durham, NC.  Nakoma PR , CoCoa Cinnamon, and Carolina Waves partnered up to present PB and Jams a #hashtaglunchbag event. Making P B and J’s for the homeless at Urban Ministries.

For those who don’t know, #hashtaglunchbag is a humanity service movement dedicated to empowering and inspiring humanity to reap the benefits of giving through the use of social media. Creating  and using bagged lunches, complete with love messages, as a vessel to spread  love and share our experiences to inspire others.


Photo Credit: Mir.I.Am

J Cole’s Dreamville Records donated 2 pairs of tickets to their inaugural event Dreamville Fest in Raleigh, NC on September 15th to be used as a raffle for people who donated and who volunteered for the #hashtaglunchbag event.


It was such a loving and peaceful environment. Patrons of the restaurant who were just initially stopping by to order their food and coffee actually took the time out and sat down to make a few sandwiches joining in on the event.  All together the donations raised were : three  extra large plastic bins of sandwiches, five large packs of bottled water, 4 bulk boxes of chips, fruit, canned goods, wash cloths, hygiene items and more.


Durham’s Urban Ministries provide temporary relief to homeless people seeking shelter.  Urban Ministries only serves 3 meals a day. You have to be out of the facility by 7 AM and can’t enter till 7 PM. So a lot  of these people that are using their services are waiting in the elements for line up to either sign up for a bunk or wait for a meal. So even the smallest gesture like what was done here can make someone’s day go a little brighter and a little better.

Life is all about planting seeds and giving back when you have it. Even if a person does not understand what you’re saying or doing in the moment. It does not mean you didn’t plant a seed inside that persons mind ; that can eventually grow over time.  Every person who has ever changed their mindset or achieved great things , all started with a seed that someone had planted in their minds.

38187154_2065026933825235_2660917726624612352_n K 97.5’s FM Radio Station Personality: Mir.I.Am  and I .

This event is supposed to be reoccurring. Chelsey Holts owner of Nakoma PR said hopefully there will be another one in September. If you were unable to come out to this one, make sure you come out to the next one.

Chelsey Holts and Mir.I.Am discuss PB and Jams #HashtagLunchbag Event

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Confessions of an Old Hip Hop Head and Mom : XXXTentacion and Tekashi 6ix 9ine

As an old hip hop head, reformed felon, empath, and mom there were certain elements of the newer generation of hip hop I didn’t care for. The death of XXX Tentacion really opened my eyes and got my mind going in so many directions. For example every generation of music (not just Hip Hop), the older generation would down it, saying its not real music . All the way back to Elvis when rock and roll was first developed. My parents said it to me, took CDs away from me , and I have said it to my son when we would we speak of Hip Hop. XXX Tentacion is my sons favorite artist, to be honest I didn’t like the head lines I seen on him, but after my son was very adamant about him changing and spreading positivity with the Helping Hands Challenge and making music for kids with depression, I decided to follow him. I too was on a wrong path before and have went through a change process myself, so I respected that. A few days later he was shot and killed. My son was very distraught and wanted to be left alone, so I digged into researching X fully so I could help my son find peace and my soul hurt immediately for judging this man. You can read my last blog where I fully discussed this in detail. It ultimately inspired me, and I hope to be a part of the change process of getting people to not judge a book by its cover and instead of judging actually try to help people. I actually now have a lot of admiration for the new era of hip hop ; in the fact of how they are transmuting the negative energy into positive by using the hate to build. Now I just hope more artist take onto what XXX Tentacion was trying to preach before his life got cut short.

So I started following more new hip hop artist. Tekashi 6ix9ine being one of them. I honestly feel he gets the most hate out of all the new artist. I admire how he has used the hate to build a very impressive platform. He is selling out world tours that he just finished up and even has a new app that covers his events live called XStream Pass. He recently debuted his latest single FEFE featuring Nicki Minaj . The video is very vibrant, eye catching in color,provocative, and artistic. The day before the single release Tekashi was kidnapped,robbed, and pistol whipped. The single was still released on July 21st , despite the life changing experience, and within 24 hours received 13,000,000 views on YouTube.

Before X’s passing he had started giving back to the community.

Courtesy of 6ix9ine IG

Now paying tribute to X at every one of his shows

Courtesy of 6ix9ine IG

After his near death experience he feels it was X’s spirit who was with him and saved him on early Sunday morning.


Courtesy of 6ix9ine IG

Now after the success of the release of FEFE, he has decided to donate a percentage of FEFE profits to Youth Programs. With hopes of making a better tomorrow .

Really carrying on the true message that XXX Tentacion was trying to spread through his Helping Hands Challenge . XXX Tentacion Foundation just awarded Gun Violence victim Devin Anderson, who was gunned down at the age of 22, and for the past year has been restricted to just his house due to his injuries. The XXX Tentacion Foundation with help of all his supporters were able to purchase him a new fully equipped mini van in honor of Jahseh aka XXXTentacion.

Jahseh’s ultimate message through his last music video SAD, which dropped a week after his death, was for change, love , compassion, and compromise of the world. He fought his old self in a battle to the death, first in physical form then won by defeating the old him with his mind. A very powerful and thought provoking illustration that I hope people watching caught and grasped the full meaning of it. Us as a society in general need to understand how powerful our minds are and how what you think is your reality. Keep thinking negative and more negative will appear in your life. Loving one another, showing compassion, and compromising is the only way for a better future. Never be too closed minded on any issue. As the great Socrates said “True knowledge,is knowing you know nothing at all.”

With all this said I fully applaud and appreciate Tekashi 6ix9ine, and hope he keeps the movement going spreading positivity and giving back to the community. I honestly hope to see a deeper side in his music as well.

So I will leave you with this, us old hip hop heads and people as a whole need to understand change is inevitable. The next generation will always be ten fold what the former generation was. You don’t have to love it just embrace it. Downing and insulting the next generation will only create a wall between you and them. How can you get your message or wisdom across that way? Leave your comments below!!

Featured Photo Credit: MixRUs