Dreamville Fest 2019 Portfolio

I was an official ambassador for Dreamville Fest 2019, I used that opportunity to run a mini digital campaign of my own to sell tickets and generate possible sales leads for others.

Blog on website:>>>https://ourprophecy.com/dreamville-fest/

I decided to incorporate J Cole fan pages and groups on Facebook and IG to do most of my posting to. These are direct markets to his fans and all built out of love for J Cole. Original goal was to also to include YouTube and Spotify ads, on top of City Bus ads, but the funds fail through. So I stuck with Fan Page marketing.

I used memes, memes and selfies (in my experience) get more Post Reach then posting a flyer, not to mention the safety of not getting reported for spam for posting the same thing over and over again.

I made these two myself, memes asking question or giving an appearance of choice helps increase post reach as well.

I made a camera filter for the festival as well. Selfies get more post engagement then posting flyers for organic post reach in my studies.


Harvey J made a video with camera filter and included in his IG story. He said Dream Fest instead of Dreamville Fest, in attempt to get more post engagement

Insights: Post Reach on all Post :

Website Traffic Generated:

948 total funneled website views

112 Camera Filter Views

Total Post Reach from IG and Facebook during mini campaign:103,244 ( 2 of the IG fan pages didn’t turn in their insights , also multiple group stories in 20 groups a day for the past week. So the number is higher, this is just documented numbers.

Mini Email List Generated from Website:

Desire Moore : dmdesibooboo@gmail.com

Desiree Simmons : skysthelimit1979@gmail.com

Jada Yeboah: jayeboah@ncsu.edu

Whitnee Lane: whitneelane@gmail.com

Angela Giovinazzo: agiovin@g.clemson.edu

Francesca Festagallo: ffestagallo@gmail.com

Lashonda Evans: qcmom23@gmail.com

Samantha Graber: sgraber4409@gmail.com

Jared King: jaredking8991@gmail.com

Seema Aziz: lateef.seema@icloud.com

Ryan Stokes: rcstokes@gmail.com

Michele Josey: sjosey24@gmail.com

Glen Thomas: mpcwiz@gmail.com

N/A: freespiritthinking@gmail.com

Sold 14 tickets all together 1 JR VIP ticket

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