Dreamville Fest 2019 Portfolio

I was an official ambassador for Dreamville Fest 2019, I used that opportunity to run a mini digital campaign of my own to sell tickets and generate possible sales leads for others.

Blog on website:>>>https://ourprophecy.com/dreamville-fest/

I decided to incorporate J Cole fan pages and groups on Facebook and IG to do most of my posting to. These are direct markets to his fans and all built out of love for J Cole. Original goal was to also to include YouTube and Spotify ads, on top of City Bus ads, but the funds fail through, so budget was only 50 dollars. I reached over 100k people ( number reported is way lower due to not having correct receipts from all fan pages or Harvey Js page with close to 100k followers). So the number of people organically reached is higher, I just do not have the receipts and again that was done with a budget of $50.

I used memes, memes and selfies (in my experience) get more Post Reach then posting a flyer, not to mention the safety of not getting reported for spam for posting the same thing over and over again.

I made these two myself, memes asking question or giving an appearance of choice helps increase post reach as well.

I made a camera filter for the festival as well. Selfies get more post engagement then posting flyers for organic post reach in my studies.


Harvey J made a video with camera filter and included in his IG story. He said Dream Fest instead of Dreamville Fest, in attempt to get more post engagement

Insights: Post Reach on all Post :

Website Traffic Generated:

948 total funneled website views

112 Camera Filter Views

Total Post Reach from IG and Facebook during mini campaign:103,244 ( 2 of the IG fan pages didn’t turn in their insights , also multiple group stories in 20 groups a day for the past week. So the number is higher, this is just documented numbers.

Mini Email List Generated from Website:

Desire Moore : dmdesibooboo@gmail.com

Desiree Simmons : skysthelimit1979@gmail.com

Jada Yeboah: jayeboah@ncsu.edu

Whitnee Lane: whitneelane@gmail.com

Angela Giovinazzo: agiovin@g.clemson.edu

Francesca Festagallo: ffestagallo@gmail.com

Lashonda Evans: qcmom23@gmail.com

Samantha Graber: sgraber4409@gmail.com

Jared King: jaredking8991@gmail.com

Seema Aziz: lateef.seema@icloud.com

Ryan Stokes: rcstokes@gmail.com

Michele Josey: sjosey24@gmail.com

Glen Thomas: mpcwiz@gmail.com

N/A: freespiritthinking@gmail.com

Sold 14 tickets all together 1 JR VIP ticket

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