Harvey J

Harvey J, better known as his online alias Chef Henny, is an American rapper, chef, and internet personality. He is most known for his musical work and alignment with the Hennessy Cognac brand.He first gained recognition posting cooking skits to Facebook in May 2016, and has since accumulated millions of views on his content.

Harvey J began his musical career posting to his Facebook page. In 2012 he featured on Driicky Graham‘s debut single “Dial Tone”. In 2015 he made his own solo debut “Make It Bounce” that was released under OWSLAAfter cosigns from Skrillex, his debut single was in the Beatport Top 100 Dubstep Charts for 96 days. On March 22nd, Harvey J self-released his debut mixtape “Pancakes & Hennessy”.


He is currently working on several new musical projects. He is starting a new business venture running the The Henny House : ATL. A house dedicated to the cognac Hennessy, where models, photographers, and artist can come to have a place to shoot their vision. The place for creatives to be creative.  While also filming his own Henny House Vlog

  Harvey J has been featured on Pages like Rick Lax has Friends, and has totaled over 180 Million views on that page alone. He has been featured on websites such as Hip Hop DXFirst We Feast, Oxygen,  and Blavity.

Harvey J has collaborated with Hemper creating a Hennything is Possible X Hemper Collab Box,  12,000 in stock and has sold out.

As of January 17, 2019:

Harvey J Facebook Fan Page : @1.3 Million Followers 

Harvey J Youtube: @84,891k Followers

Harvey J on Instagram : @93.2 Followers

Harvey J’s Henny House on Instagram: 106k Followers

As of October 26, 2018:

Harvey J Facebook Page  @1.3 Million Followers  Over 300 Million Views

Harvey J YouTube  @71,417 followers total views at 7,086,146

Harvey J Spotify    @13,810 Followers and  +3 Million  plays

Harvey J Instagram   @75k Followers

Harvey on iTunes

Harvey J on TIDAL

Over 10 Million Music Streams on streaming platforms combined

Henny House : ATL Instagram  @10k followers

Henny Gang Merch Facebook Page 14k Followers

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