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My first website I built and blog 2015 for Isupport Multimedia Group<<<Click Here<<

iSupport Multimedia Group _ Use the Hashtag #iSupport.clipular

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  I specialize in Organic Facebook Algorithms and building pages with content organically and using organic formulas for Digital Street Marketing for events.  One of my earliest projects is Bombsquad .I manged page with content and sales. Started working on the page at 10k Followers 4 years ago, today it is at over 1 million followers and has reached over 500 million people in a week organically. We maintained an Organic Post Reach of the double – triple millions.  There is also a 4 other pages in the network that I assisted in building with content: Kraze, Tailgaters,  Wannabe,  and Wannabe Robin Michaels,  also including a Facebook group Wannabe Viral Videos.  I no longer assist in content creation or sales with Bombsquad. I have also assisted FM Radio station  K97.5’s   DJ Wade Banner and    Mir. I. Am’s

Carolina Waves Fan Page on Facebook and Facebook Marketing of Carolina Waves Events. As of August 2018 became an official J Cole’s Dreamville Festival 2018 ambassador. I will be running a mini digital marketing campaign for the event to sell tickets. Dreamville Festival 2018 Event was cancelled due to Hurricane Florence and rescheduled for April 2019.  

>>Viral Event Street Team click here<<

>>>Facebook Fan Page Builder Click Here<<<


bs imageBombsquad Stats Click Here<<<


carolina wavesCarolina Waves Stats Click Here<<<


Live Nation Presents: J Cole’s Dreamville Fest 2019

My Digital Portfolio for Dreamville Fest 2019>>Click Here


Majority of my traffic is organic,  I use target group related pages and groups to post to. Using Facebook Ads on a need to basis, so my organic post reach is higher. Bringing in more of an authentic following to the fan page.

Carolina Music Awards 2018:

CMA PreShow and Show event page Click Here<<<

I made a Promo Video for CMA PreShow Concert

Views 2.8k

(1) Carolina Waves x LBLB Presents_ Carolina Music Awards Pre-Show.clipular
Stats from event page


(1) Facebook.clipular (1)


(1) Facebook.clipular (2)

I assisted with digital promotion for the Carolina Music Awards 2018

I made a camera filter to brand the event and to use as a source of promotion for event getting CMA participants to use it and post to their accounts on top of mine, making the reach higher for the event page and coverage. Selfies generally get more post engagement than Flyers and Ads, so this is a way to dip into that post engagement.


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Total views on Videos: 5.3k

Headcount for event: 250


I assisted with Carolina Waves and Nakoma PR Event

PB and Jams #hashtaglunchbag event:

Blog I wrote on #hashtaglunchbag event <<<click here<<<

Wrap up video of event, edited by me

This video doesn’t exist

Small Promo Video for Event :

2nd top market :NC (event market)

10,630 People Reached

3,490 video views



The Pinnacle 2: Wave Season Event at Motorco

>>For Event Promotion Analytics and Breakdown  Click Here<<

Blog Post After Event<<Click Here<<

Blog Post Before Event<<Click Here<<

I created this video, for ad purposes for an event in Durham North Carolina  called the Pinnacle 2: Wave Season at Motorco. I also used the camera filter feature on Facebook to brand the event with it’s own filter. Click on link below for full analytics and details.


J Cole’s Dreamville Fest 2018: Rescheduled till April 2019

Blog I Wrote Before Show<<<Click Here

Dreamville Fest Pre Show Blog<<< Click Here

Dreamville Festival Facebook Camera Filter:


I’m also experimenting with breaking music records via social media to Spotify and You Tube Monetary Links for the artist. I originally assisted Kraze with this and was majorly successful we received 3 Million views on a Viral Video on Facebook with Song included , funneled 74k views to the Youtube for it.

I bought the beat for Artist Ethan Taylor’s Waiting and decided to use him for my experiment. 

I need an artist who is willing to help with original content and budget. From the test run, the videos with original content received a higher peak in Spotify traffic than the other non original content of viral videos.

I made an event page to place all the videos for display in one spot <<CLICK HERE

Spotify numbers peaked on days of posting videos, again the three videos with original content had more of a peak on the Spotify analytics than the other videos, and had less views on Facebook than the not original content. Over all at start he had 8 followers on Spotify now 31, Total streams were at 45 before I started now at 579.  Total Facebook views from 6 videos is 97,216. Again only 3 of the videos were original content.

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Created a Canvas Ad through Facebook for the Song and Video, was not purchased.

One of the Original Content Videos, got over 10k in organic views. I got an up and coming Comedian Byron Dicks to do a skit relating to the song. Song is called Waiting, so I told him to use his own creative energy about something he waits for, while also incorporating an independent business into the skit. (so I can begin with the subliminal marketing on top of the audio break). He decided to use Chef Skips restaurant  in Va. Video results are below. Enjoy.

Official Music Video of Waiting before I started sharing:


After I shared:



Also set up a bot through his Fan Page for automatic response with song link included.38411770_2067261846935077_2255147135102091264_n

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Photoshop Projects:

With my ads I use power colors and emotion colors, as a form of  eye catching and grabbing attention. Keeping in mind you have only 3-5 seconds to grab someones attention on social media news feed.


Street Star Norbes Booking Ad

Norbes is one of the people who run Ultimate Rap League (URL). Which is very prestigious in the hip hop community.  Most events are based in New York, however they are branching out and doing other smaller events in other states.



Jai’s Touch is a natural hair stylist, with a female target group.  I incorporated eye catching colors to stick out in the news feed, along with adding elegance and simplicity of the owner.


Ad for a vlog from Bombsquad Battle League. Bombsquad was originally designed for online rap battling. Using a bracket system , judges panel, and using the polling feature on Facebook to build engagement. Bombsquad did an interview with Street Star Norbes from URL which is battle rap live events.  The goal for this was to bring in more of an authentic battle rap following into the online battling league.


Ad for Bombsquad Battle League Online Event


38200098_2064994647161797_3570198097445257216_n                            Ad for Bombsquad‘s CEO Kraze’s new album Wazteland.


I did an experiment with Facebook Ads comparing my Organic Reach to Paid Reach.

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We outreached Paid Post Reach for half the price.

(1) Wannabe_ East Coast - Home.clipular(1) Wannabe_ East Coast - Home.clipular (1)


I am very diverse and authentic with tons of unlimited potential. I obtain the ability to adapt to new situations and new technology swiftly.  I want to synergize with a company that I can learn from and grow with.

My Personal Video Stats<<<Click Here<<


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